bsa1aEarning the Royal title The Queen of Green, and made her the Dame(the female equivalent of the knignt) by the Queen in recognition of her contribution to world beauty, Anita Roddick, founder of ethical cosmetics chain Body Shop died at her Sussex home, Britain aged 64 on Monday night.

Dame Anita who was passionate about the environmental eco-friendly cosmetics and a self proclaimed champion of fair trade founded her first shop in Brighton, West Sussex, Southern Britain in 1976. She went on further to pioneered beauty products free of animal testing by sourcing the natural ingredients from developing world and turned them into a highly profitable business around the world. Last year, she sold her Body Shop chain to French company L’Oreal.

Her dead stemmed from her major brain haemorrhage suffering after complaining of headache and collapsed at home but later died at St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester, West Sussex. She had also earlier contracted from Hepatitic C from a blood transfusion in 1971 while giving birth to her youngest daughter, Sam.

The company has since grown into a global phenomenon with nearly 2000 stores in 50 countries. She will be missed by all the global outlets staff and some of the stores, as a mark of respect will observe a minute of silence on the day of Ms Roddick’s funeral.
Roddick is survived by her husband Gordon and two daughters, Sam and Justine.