lydia.jpg He has already fallen out of power and is in exile. He was ousted as Prime Minister of his country by the military, a coup supported by the king and the people. Can a sexual scandal hurt his reputation and credibility any further? Thaksin Shinawatra, the billionaire politician of Thailand is rumored to have had a sexual relationship and encounters with sexy and popular Thai singer Saranrat Wisutthithada, better known as Lydia. But the sultry and hot singer has denied such claims.

She admitted that she knew Thaksin and called him ‘dad’ because of his moral support. But speculators are claiming that the support provided by Thaksin is not so moral after all. Regularly seen on Thaksin’s side after his fall from power, the singer is believed to have received a house and money in return for her sexual services as his mistress. Furthermore, her family is embroiled in the scandal for they had allegedly sent their daughter to Thaksin to service their heavy debts.

Thailand, renowned for its prostitutes and poverty, offers a ripe background for such claims. The allegations involving the highest minister in office merely underlines the corruption, scandal and vice that plagues the country.