What is all this mania and obsession with prince and princess of the royal family? Princess Diana was given an honorary tribute for the tenth anniversary of her death. An inquiry into her death revealed that there was no evidence to show that security services were spying on her and inadvertently causing her death. Ten years after her scandalous accident, the public is still agog with news about her.

japan_prince_4.jpg Prince Hisahito who turned one recently was given world-wide media attention. The baby prince who solved the problem of the lack of a male heir to the Chrysanthemum throne seemed puzzled by all the adulation and camera lights. He has yet to learn to be disdainful and proud of his heritage. But he will learn soon enough that he is different from the rest of the commoners.

Is royalty really different from the rest of us? Do they really have blue blood? Why do we continue to feed their elitist ego and finance their luxurious lifestyle? From England to Japan, the Netherlands to Thailand and Malaysia, some are above others for reasons of their birth and blood. Constitutions rise and fall, but the monarchy seems to have outlived its credibility and usefulness.