world_steve_fossett_210.jpg British billionaire Richard Branson is raising the alarm to search for his friend, missing adventurer, Steve Fossett. In obvious concern, Branson claimed that Fossett had disappeared over the vast Nevada desert in a small plane but had not activated his emergency tracking beacon. Branson is worried that Fossett could be injured. Boss of the Virgin Empire and one of the richest men in the world, Branson goes all out to track down his missing friend. He is utilizing technology to track down his friend via the satellite mapping service offered by Internet data provider Google. Branson, who has attempted numerous dangerous stints himself understand the loneliness and fear of being alone in no man’s land when you’re injured.

The attempt by Fossett to scout sites in the Nevada desert to set a world land speed record is highly dangerous. Fossett is no stranger to life-threatening situations and adventures. He had climbed Mount Kilimanjoro in Tanzania, been lifted to safety by a helicopter from the Coral Sea which is infested with sharks and crocodiles, swum the English Channel in Calais and competed in a 1,165 mile dog sled race in Alaska. Branson had called his friend ‘the world’s greatest living adventurer’. Together, these two billionaires have set countless records on land, air and water.

Perhaps it is their competitive spirit and perseverance, eye for excitement and the fearlessness of risk that make them equally good at surviving adventures and making money.