The 18-year-old Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe worried he would get an erection while shooting his first sex scene with co-star Teresa Palmer in the new movie.

He told The Guardian newspaper: “Teresa is beautiful, so I was sort of worried about, you know, certain things. But kissing someone on camera is just not sexy, no matter how attracted to them you are.


“No matter how beautiful they are, when you’re surrounded by crew who are taking measurements of the focus and making sure you’re in the right light, it becomes totally clinical. And clinical is not a word I would associate with any good sexual experience.”

He added: “I love that scene! It was so totally clumsy. It’s so malcoordinated when she asks him to kiss her neck and play with her tits at the same time. It’s that first time experience when you’re like, ‘OK. What’s this hand doing? What’s that hand doing?’ Trying to coordinate all those things at once is an absolute nightmare. It’s a sex scene that’s not sexy. It’s clumsy and sweet.”