What do you say if you can have your breast lifted without wearing a push up bra? How about that all these can be done during lunch hour? Now you can have your sagging breast lifted during lunch hour by an Israeli company who has developed a two holes breast lift procedure to insert what amounts to a permanent push up bra under your breast but in a few year time.

Gone would be the invasive of cosmetic surgeries, involving incision removal and placement of tissues, nipples or even repeat surgery may be necessary. The new technique is called the Cup&Up and it involves insertion of silicon implant through two small incisions, attaches to the ribs and connection tissues with a few small screws and surgical threads. The test was carried out on pigs most resemble human tissue and the results were very successful for its ‘ Staying Power, Tissue Reaction and Muscles or Ribs Recovery.’

Meanwhile, why not take good care of your home grown breast doing some chest firming exercise to perk you up while waiting for your necessary next breast lift up.