In Denmark, researchers continue to develop a refrigerator that is cooled by using magnets with no electricity but a fully environmental friendly power source. This continual development over the world, however, gives Danish an edge to commercialise the prototype soon.

The invention will replace existing electric refrigerators and its first prototype is to ready by 2010 and its improved electric consumption will be at least 60 percent if not more. The cold temperature is achieved using opposing magnetic fields to generate heat whereby a heat sink through a non-volatile fluid, like water to thermodynamically reversed to cooler temperature. By doing so, the theory proved to cool from 20 degree celsius to 11 degree celsius. Because of non-moving parts driven motor like conventional refrigerator, it has a very low sound level.

Cost will be the big hurdle to overcome as many refrigerator manufacturers have brought down the prices in order to be competitive in the market besides from becoming in technology leadership. Nevertheless, the continual invention will surely bring about a greener cooling technology and affordable pricing in many areas to come.