The 24-year-old Chinese Olympic champion and world record holder Liu Xiang won his first world athletics crown in men’s 110 meters hurdles final at the 11th IAAF World Athletics Championship in Osaka on September 1, 2007.

Liu Xiang across the line in 12.95 seconds, which was far behind his world record 12.88 seconds but it was enough for him to become China’s first male world athletic champion.


“It’s really great, it’s really great,” Liu Xiang said. “They’re all important (but) I’m very happy with the time because in a big international event you don’t often get that kind of time.” Liu Xiang won bronze in 2003 and improved to silver in 2005 over the previous world championships. “Everything went smoothly tonight, my opponent is myself,” he added.


The silver medal goes to American Terrence Trammell from US who ran 12.99. It was his fourth silver medal after his 2003 world championships and two in the Olympics.

“Even if I won the silver, I feel like I missed the gold,” Trammell said. “I felt like I could win, but Liu just had the better race – I am making no excuses.”

David Payne won a bronze in 13.02 seconds.