Latest news that the Windows Vista SP1 is going to release in the 1st quarter of 2008 and also there will be 10,000 to 15,000 beta distribution to tester.

Some of the concerns have been addressed as follows:
1. There is some degree of bug fix and performance reliable application compatibility improvement like XP SP2 in the past.
2. No hitch with current Vista with new Vista SP1. New updates are included which has since renewing many filea as far as in 20 cases for Vista.
3. Download size is small about 50MB.
4. Stand alone Vista SP1 is also available other than Windows update. As example of Javascript improvement from IE so that AJAX can run faster, resume to functionality from Standby state and reduces time taken from CTRL.ALT/DELETE tot lgoin prompt and more.

In addition, Windows XP is the last service pack as far as XP SP3 is concerned which has included numerous new minor fixes and previous released updates. Microsoft is testing the application with Vista right now and able to release the SP1 sooner than expected. An automatic update of SP1 is available for those who are to install or purchase a Vista system currently.