The Queen of Mean, late luxury New York Hotelier Leona Helmsley died of heart failure on August 20, 2007. She left her money to her relatives but none of them get more than her dog Trouble, it received $12 million trust fund from Leona Helmsley.

She left few millions for her brother, Alvin Rosenthal, who will be taking care of her white Maltese in her absence. Alvin also was named to care two of four grandchildren from her late son Jay Panzirer, provided they visit their father’s grave site once each calendar year, or else, they will get nothing she left.

But the other two children of Jay Panzirer get nothing from her for “reasons that are known to them”.

She also directed in her will that when Trouble dies, the remains shall be buried next to her in the Helmsley mausoleum. She left $3 million for the upkeep of her final resting place in Westchester County, where she is buried with her husband, Harry Helmsley.

In her will she ordered that her Helmsley’s residences and belongings to be sold and all the money to be given to the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust.

She also left her driver $100,000.