‘Saturday Night Live’ creator-producer Lorne Michaels has announced that the show’s ‘Best Of 06/07’ DVD will be only be sold at Starbucks. The show, NBC, is teamed up with coffee giant, Starbucks to create an exclusive DVD release for the first time.

Saturday Night Live is an American Television Series just like its counterpart in UK, but the Big Brother Series which is about live tasks setting. In United States, Saturday Night Live is a weekly late night 90 minutes American comedy variety show based in New York City broadcasted live by NBC on Saturday night.

The 84 minutes DVD includes two of the funniest comedies show in TV, ‘Saturday Night Live’ such as Justin Timberlake’s Dick in a box, a widely shared mock boy band video and bonus features include dress rehearsal footage, cast commentary and a ‘30 Rock’ which features deleted scenes from sitcom’s first season.

The whole concept is to provide consumers for some entertainment through comedy while sipping their coffee and is also a new way of marketing to reach their customers in the ever changing marketplace.