1. Nutella of pear, banana and cornflakes, 2. Summer Ice Cream, 3. Mousse of Lemon

Do you fancy some of the original desserts to surprise the children including summer version? Though a candy or two may pacify them but given a right proportion of ice cream desserts can have a good nutritional value as well.

In this traditional ice cream set up, some high in vitamin and fiber summer or tropical fruits can be added to introduce another dimension of refreshing and healthy looks on the plate as well as delicious to eat. Surely it will enchant everyone starting with Nutella of pear, banana and cornflakes in an original alternative to typical desserts. There are more to come which include Mousse of Lemon and Cake Tartin.

4. Melba Peaches, 5. Dessert of Summer Fruits and 6. Cake Tatin