pmp1aResearchers have hacked up a game that may bring to mind the nuclear war video game scene in the Bond movie Never Say Never Again. This Neuroimaging Pac-Man like game that shocks players when they are caught by the artificial predator in the game.

Through the understanding of human brain’s response changes the closer the threat gets by altering our different defence mechanisms depending on whether the threat is close or distant when we might need to fight, run or even freeze up. This was subsequently created in a Pac-Man like game where the subjects were chased through a maze by an artificial predator. Whenever got caught, a mild electric shock would send to the subject and using that to measure the brain activity by means of functional magnetic resonance imaging.

Though this research is beneficial evolution wise, not only it would be featured in the next video game but also used to explain why defence mechanism malfunction leads to anxiety disorders, panic attacks while others do not.