No.3 spot: A Hello Kitty platinum figurine adorned with diamonds, rubies, pink sapphires, amethysts and a blue topaz which costs about 163,000 dollars.

Ever wonder what is the top wanted ornament collections in the world?And the fascinating Hello Kitty encrusted with all kinds of precious stones, or get a shot of tequila, a sip of tea, a caviar pizza which comes in platinum, gold and even diamonds while spending your time away watching a TV set (programme) which cost close to hundred thousand if not million of dollars. The collections continues to the number 1 spot which is a box of chocolates with jewellery decoration and it costs a cool 1.5 million dollars.

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1. A Box of chocolates with a collection of jewellery which about costs 1.5 million dollars.
2. A Jewel encrusted platinum cellular phone which costs about 1.3 million dollars.
4. A Nino Bellissima Pizza containing four different kinds of caviar which costs about 1,000 dollars.
5. A Purse with 2,182 diamonds embedded in platinum which costs about 1.63 million dollars.
6. A Bottle of Tequila made of gold and platinum which costs about 25 thousand dollars.
7. A Cricket ball encrusted with 5,728 diamonds which costs about 68,500 dollars.
8. A TV set encrusted with diamond.
9. A Teabag encrusted with 280 diamonds which costs about 14,000 dollars.
10. A Gundam robot toy made of platinum which costs about 41,468 dollars.