If YP-U3 is expressed in one word, it runs out “simply”, but the color variation of 5 colors which are included even to the ear phone and the sliding type USB connector whose convenience is high, the slim body, coupled with the operativity which is easy to understand, not only simple simply, it has become the product which is recommended to everybody “BASIC” as a digital audio player.

The simple and basic of Samsung YP-U3 digital audio player comes with 5 colours: black, white, green, blue and pink variation to chose from. Its hand pocketed skin feeling fits into the thinking to carry around the music wherever you go. So does its standardized polychromatic development to its ear phone as well as cord reel.

The light weighted of only 22.8 gram is only about 11 millimeters thin and of 25.4 mm breadth x 80 mm length. The USB connector can be spring out and is of sliding type which make the most of its slimness to able to insert into the chest pocket.

Utilising the lithium polymer battery with built in power source, it can continual playback approximately 15 hours with only one hour half charge. The front organic electrominescence display, OLED is a touchpad interface operation, A-B repeat/the sound recording button and playback/the halt button is provided on the side. Concerning of the music transfer, it can be connecting easily in the way of drag & drop does and supports file format playback of MP3, WMA, OGG and DRM too.

Other than a digital music player and it also function of the FM radio and voice recording.
Its distinctive sound effect is utilizing three dimensional sound ‘ DNSe’: Digital Natural Sound Engine emphasizing bass with sound field expansion.

The available capacity is 1G/2G/4Gbyte. You can experience the pleasure not only enjoying music but also chooses color with ease, YP-U3 is such a digital audio player.
Nothing comes close to the Samsung YP-U3 in terms of sound quality, user-friendly interface and versatility. This is definitely the best portable MP3 player ever developed so far!