Close to one thousand Thais applied for just only 500 positions to volunteer to test condoms meant for customer satisfaction in return for free condoms supply. This is part of Durex condom campaign to promote safe sex as can be seen from the above picture showing mascot of Durex condom.

Durex marketing officer said. “We are surprised to see huge interest in our campaign with almost 1,000 applicants wanting to take part.” No educational qualification is necessary but the volunteers must be over twenty years of age in order to take part.

The wholesome idea of the campaign is to promote Durex’s public concern and contribution to the country increasing numbers of HIV/AIDS infected Thais while giving them a break to enjoy theirs favourite pastime and know what a healthy handy Durex condom can do for them.

At the end of the day, the only requirement is to respond to an online questionnaire after each usage and the successful applicants will receive free Durex test kits. Good deal, right!