A highly sex drive Scottish koala bear is very much sought after when he was found to possess elevated sex desire to mate with opposite sex.

In Vienna, Austria, a zoo dwindling in koala bear breeding due to their male doesn’t mate enough. Out of fear for its survival, the infamous male koala bear is brought in from Scotland named Chumbee to work on with the female breed from Edinburgh, UK.

Chumbee is only five year old but he demonstrated his charm and its non stop sex in succeeding to mate with female without any sexual arousal or even aphrodisiac foods. Moreover, he keeps on going as tough as ever and only stops at eating or sleeping.

“Chumbee hasn’t stopped since he got here, it has been almost non stop sex in the koala enclosure ever since, and now even our own male is joining in,” says Zoo manager. “”We are confident we will soon be seeing the padding of tiny koala paws.”

Since then, he has become a ‘porn’ star to lead and invigorate other male koalas to follow in his exemplary footsteps. May we can be as sexy and horny as koala bear in a non stop sex drive desires.