A California family managed to cut their electricity bill from around $700 to $15 comparing the bills for the same month in year 2006 and 2007. The secret of how they cut their whopping electricity bill down is the Keating’s pool, one of the big green changes the family made.

First, solar panels heat the pool and pumped the water to the flat panels on the roof, then pushed back through tiny tubes. “It’s almost the equivalent of the garden hose sitting in your yard. Turn on the faucet and hot water comes out,” the solar expert Graham Owen explained.

The biggest change is on the roof where 50 solar panels on roof turn the sun’s energy into electricity. They creating so much energy during day times and the meter actually spins backwards. “I couldn’t stop myself from going out and watching it spinning. I like gadgetry, so it’s the world’s biggest gadget,” said Kevin Keating.

The California Energy Commission says 28,000 homes in the state are now solar and more family are installing it. Solar roof panels for an average home cost about $36,000 and solar panels for the pool are about $5,000.