Philips marked the 25th anniversary to manufacture the first Compact Disc (CD) on 17thAugust, 1982 and it ushered the world a new era of digital music. If history is any guide, its life span is due at least as commercial music medium and soon to replace by digital MP3 downloads or the upcoming IPod and many more of hard drive players.

Remember the day when one was exciting own CD players and CDs of their favourite artists, it made a big difference in the music quality compared to its predecessor, the cassette tape. Music were never be the same again to its crisp music, ease of recording and storage copies, and making Digital Rights Management to get a strong foothold of its sale amount more than 200 billion music discs have been sold worldwide.

Starting from the evolution of the wax cylinders to Gramophone records or vinyl records to cassette players to compact discs to MP3 downloads, and who will know next after their heydays because of technology advancement.