Italian defender Materazzi finally revealed the truth of world cup 2006 Zidane head-butt infamous incident. Forget about the Materazzi: “It is absolutely not true, I did not call him a terrorist… I’m ignorant. I don’t even know what the word means.” or according to an Italian lip-reader: “I wish an ugly death to you and all your family. Go f*** yourself!”

Materazzi insult won Italian a world cup by provoking Zidane to head butted him in the chest with 10 minutes left in the game, and Zidane was given a red card to be sent off the field. Italy went on to win the game with penalty shoot-out after 1-1 extra time.

Now, Materazzi revealed the insult in his soon to be released autobiography but refused to elaborate in length, only after his book will to release officially. Zidane didn’t speak much about the incident except he said that Marco Materazzi insulted his family. Marco Materazzi finally revealed the truth of what he said, “I prefer the whore that is your sister.’

The storyline goes like Materazzi grabbed Zidane’s shirt, and Zindane told Materazzi that if he wanted his shirt he could have it after the game. It was at that moment that Materazzi said that he would rather have “his whore that is your sister.”

Marco Materazzi has since received a two game suspension from the FIFA for inciting this incident and apologized to Zidane. However, France Coach praised Materazzi’s winning strategy to get Zidane out of the game and so finally France out of world cup. The coach said, “I say ‘bravo’ to him.”

As a true fans, who followed his career, will remember him for his magic and spirit that he brought to the game. While Italians welcome Materazzi’s strategy move for the insult but the French will hate him forever.