Mattel’s public statement of “Voluntarily Recall Some of Our Toys” in the midst of recalling 19 million Chinese-Made toys in US because of products affected by:
1) Lead Paint: – Fisher-Price and “CARS” Sarge Character
2) Magnets: – Polly Pocket Play Sets, Batman Magna Play Sets, Barbie and Tanner Accessory, Doggie Daycare Play Sets and Shonan Jump’s One Piece.

The incident is the name of safety standard. The west is increasingly seeing Chinese-made products as dangerous and customers are starting to boycott Chinese-made products. But who is at fault or liable as Mattel and the Chinese contractor are already playing damage control and shifting blame. The list goes on to it is because of outsourcing cost saving to cheap labour in China and forgetting the long supplier chains of manufacturing standards and who’s asleep at the stringent quality control requirement. Click here for Mattel website to learn more.

However, at consumer level, you can go to either to retailer or even to owner of the product to pursue the law of product safety standard. Even if a third party was totally negligent, what comes out from the store to market is all Mattel’s problem. This is because if products are in breach of standards and the more for those unsafe toys are the bane of the industry.

On other hand, in strict fairness to Mattel, neither regulators nor retailers seem to have notice the defects either as most of the household on Earth is now awash with Chinese made products. At the end of the day, which is to blame for the shoddy products are manufactured strictly on a bottom-line basis, or quality product has to come with a premier price tag.