A man was asked to pay tax amounting to $12,656.07 but he was not satisfied with the big amount of money he had to pay. He wanted people to see the pain of his property tax bill and let them see the physical amount of $12,656.07, he then settled his tax bill of the semi-annual payment for his home, business and rental properties, in coins and $1 bills to the county treasurer’s office.

Cary Malchow said the coins were very heavy and left him “out of breath” when loading them to the counter, but it was worth watching three cashiers counting the money. “I did it so people can physically see what $12,000 is,” said Cary Malchow.

Finally, the treasurers took 75 minutes to count out the cash at the counter. “They were fast, they were hustling. They’re used to counting money, but of course that left other people standing in line. It was an awkward situation,” said Delaware County Treasurer Warren Beebe.