A team of German researchers discovered that people who aren’t active in sex life tends to work more as a mean to reduce stress of not having sex often.

It is a common knowledge that sex reduces stress and vice versa for no sex but sex frustration to not having sex life can makes the couples become more miserable. The adage goes like work and no play makes Dick an unhappy camper. Thus, resulted the frustrated individuals take on more work as their outlet to make up for not getting sexual satisfaction. This makes up around 30 to 40 percent who no longer having sex or once a week with their partners seek out other forms of activities compensation to salve their wanting libidos.

Sometimes, society circle obligation who need your participation can take away their precious time to spend on their relationship. Again, another sexual frustration would greatly affect their sexual satisfaction. The only salvation would be to seek out how to live their stress by continuing their hanky panky relationship and not to bring work home. Indeed the message is clear that to remember what is your bedroom meant for and certainly work is not the only horny segment to kill your stress.