A poll at Korea recently on “Which male artist would you love to travel overseas with?” Total 6,950 responded in the poll by Chusun. The actor Song Seung-hun won the most votes and ranked top in the list.

This popular Korean star Song Seung-hun was born on October 5, 1976. He was model-turn-actor who started modeling in 1995, and began acting TV dram in 1996. He is very famous in Asia since “Autumn in My Heart”.

Song didn’t serve the local army by claims of heavy diabetes and high blood pressure during his late teenage years. At 28, he was discovered by the South Korean government and forced to serve the army for two years. And now, he is back and seems like his fans are still remember him and supporting him.

Kwon Sang-woo is another famous actor who placed second after Song. Both of these actors will be starring together in their next movie.