space.jpgPlanning for a holiday in space? Well, if you are willing to spend $4million, then your dream can become true. With the opening of the first hotel planned in space, Galactic Suite, in 2012, tourists can enjoy a three-day stay in space by paying RM4million. In this most luxurious and expensive hotel, tourists are able to see the sunrise 15 times a day and use Velcro suits to crawl around their pod rooms by sticking themselves to the walls like Spiderman.

The hotel is designed by a Barcelona based architect. The three-bedroom boutique hotel looks like a model of molecules. The pod structure design make is easy to fit inside a rocket to be taken into space. Hotel guests will get a lot of wonderful experience under zero gravity environment; for instance, to take a shower in weightless condition, see earth from a distance, etc. Hotel guests need to undergo eight weeks of intensive training before being allowed to stay there.

The idea of Galactic Suite started from a former aerospace engineer, Claramunt. The idea was thence turned to reality by a space enthusiast by fronting most of the $3 billion needed to build the hotel. An American company intent on colonizing Mars, who sees Galaxy Suite as a first step, has since come on board, and private investors from Japan, the United States and the United Arab Emirates are in talks.

Artist Impression of Hotel Room