21-year-old actress Lindsay Lohan’s bodyguard Tont Almeida who worked for Lindsay Lohan from 2003 until 2005 was interviewed by In Touch magazine. He blamed Lindsay Lohan’s parents for her wild behaviour. The actress’s parents Dina and Michael Lohan just treat her like a cash cow and keep Lindsay Lohan working to pay for their lifestyle since she was a teen celebrity.

The bodyguard told In Touch magazine, “Lindsay was the family cash cow, and she (Dina) resented it. They counted on her to pay their bills…I saw Lindsay exhausted, begging her mother for some time off.”

He said Dina frequently “let her do whatever she wanted, just to keep her happy and working. (At her 16th birthday party) Lindsay drank whatever she wanted. I saw her drinking beer and mixed drinks with my own eyes (without Dina’s intervention).”

He added, “From a young age, she dealt with her father’s physical, emotional and drug abuses as well as her mother’s drinking.”

Tont Almeida said her parents allowed her to sleep with ex-boyfriend Aaron Carter when she was only 15 and Aaron was 14. He also caught Lindsay Lohan sniffing white powder in a nightclub when she was 18. He also alleges that the actress cut herself and threatened suicide during miserable teen years.