Most women nowadays are really hard pressed for bigger breast, so does the marketing for the D, E and even F cup. Breast surgery may be costly and come with side effect. It seems like the next best thing is to keep stuffing some special formulated cookies so that you can wear F-Cup bra sooner than expected. Isn’t it fascinating?

What’s next, the cookies are sure to sell like hot cake and your instantaneous fame will also bring rampage to all the guys around you, such as ogling at you, car accident while staring over your chest, stalking at you and more.

The wonder prescription is to eat just 2 a day that would definitely keep the guys coming back to you for your breast is getting bigger and bigger. The secret is each cookie containing 50mg of that miracle breast enlarging herb Pueraria Mirifica.

Let’s us hope it is not another marketing scam in Japan or else the cookie party for all the girls breast enlargement dream may come to a naught. Don’t get despair, here is the F-Cup Cookie website to purchase.