ap1aNo longer is a myth for the statement, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. In fact, we have read so much about apples being healthy for us but what does it actually contribute to our health. It really helps by boosting our immune system to fighting cancer and more. The wonder of the apple is no other fruit can come close to its list of health enhancing properties. Here you are the proven over times health benefits of apple over other fruits.

1. Rich in Vitamin C. It helps to improve your body’s immune system especially to those who have poor healing time, bruise or bleed easily like gums.

2. Rich in Flavonoids to Prevent Heart Diseases. Flavonoids which is known for its antioxidant effects can help to prevent coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease.

3. Low in Calories and Good to Eat. A regular size apple has only 70 to 80 percent calories. It contains sugar but only ¼ of the calories and so it is good to eat while you are craving for unhealthy side snacks.

4. Cancers Prevention. Its multiple cancers prevention is indeed does a good deed targeting such as colon, prostate and breast cancer in particular.

5. Double effect on cholesterol. Apple containing phenols reduces bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. At the same time, it reduces a dangerous cholesterol turning from LDL into an oxidized form.

6. Tooth Decay Prevention. Its magnificent apple juice can prevent tooth decay by attacking the bacteria up to 80 percent. So, an apple a day can also keep the dentist away too.

7. Neurodegenerative Diseases Prevention. Another property of rich in phytonutrients can also help to prevent brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson.

8. Healthier Lungs. Research shown that by eating five or more apples a week can help to lower respiratory, including asthma problems.

9- Great Taste. Its variety of colours and flavours like Jonathan or Pink Lady also help you to boost your appetite as well as maintaining your health.

It is amazing to know how good apples are much better for us to start to include in our daily diet.