Member of Taiwan’s top trio singers S.H.E., Ella Chen announced during an endorsement event for a sanitary towel brand on August 1, 2007 that her relationship with boyfriend Josh has ended. The other two S.H.E. members, Selina and Hebe, and actor Mike He were attended the endorsement event also.

Ella and Josh started their first date on May 7. In June, she revealed her interest to have a long-term relationship with Josh. However, the love story just ended on July 20. Ella said the broke up was due to difference interests and thinking on both sides.

Some of Ella’s fans were happy to get this “breaking” news from Ella as most of her fans didn’t support her when Ella revealed her relationship with Josh. However, her fans still hoping she can find her true love later.

On the other hand, Mike He supposed to be the headlines for endorsing women products on that day but just because of the break up announcement from Ella, everyone is talking about Ella but forget the man who spoke for sanitary towel product.