The newly crowned Miss Hong Kong 2007 Cheung Ka Yi has sparked huge debates online, mostly disagreed as she won the title. She is said to be the ugliest Miss HK in past 20 years.

Many people believe that her crowning was a publicity stunt by the organizers, as Cheung Ka Yi was not a popular candidate for winning the title, she was not even rated as a underdog during the contest.


I don’t think she is ugly, but for sure she is not the prettiest among the contestants. She looks average, her body looks average or slightly below average. Many said she won the title because of her high-educated qualification…but this is not a contest to choose the scholarship winner, it is Miss Hong Kong, a beauty pageant. Maybe she was confident and performed well during the pageant…or maybe she was able to answer the final question well…beauty is not the only criteria judges.


So, is she the ugliest Miss Hong Kong in past 20 years? For those who like her, sure she is not the ugliest Miss Hong Kong.