Prince Diego

Made in China, Toy maker Fisher Price is recalling nearly a million children’s toys because of lead tainted paint which include popular birthday Dora, Prince Diego, Elmo and other plastic toys. All in all are 83 different types of toys sold to United States between May and August.

This is the first lead painted recall for Fisher Price following after another recall of 1.5 million wooden toy trains and train parts which affected the Thomas and Friends toy line in 2005 and 2006. However, close to two-thirds of the toys were quarantined before the suspected toys making their way to the shelves in the market place.

The list goes on to recent bout of sub-quality and safety level for made in China products ranging from recent dog-food scare and deaths in Panama that was related to chemicals in Chinese-made cough syrup. Fortunately, the intensify risk of using Chinese brands has lead to Fisher Price to discover non-approved lead tainted painted or rather exceed 0.06% during in house investigation.

Look no further, visit Mattel website for the recall and has a piece of mind. It seems like China has repeatedly ignored copyright and trademark laws, if not for one thing, something else will lead to another for made in China brand.
Birthday Dora