Thousands of people lined up outside Qualcomm Stadium on July 30, ready for audition for seventh season of “American Idol”. Just hoping to be the next Kelly Clarkson or Jennifer Hudson.

They came here for many reasons other than want to be the superstar. However this program gives a lot of dreams to Americans as it is one of the platform to show their talents, and giving them a chance to try their luck and most important is – have the chance to appear in TV.


Some of them brought guitar, makeup kits, foods and drinks filled with throat-clearing salt water and even karaoke machines. Many of them queued overnight with sleeping bags and pillows.

“Why wouldn’t I get here early? My No.1 goal is to be on the program,” said Lonnie Beatty, 20, she spent the night on a trolley platform just outside the stadium grounds in order to be one of the first in line.

12,000 people showed up for their chance at stardom. Let’s wait and see who will be the lucky star in this seventh series of “American Idol”.