Austrians celebrated birthday party for one of their most famous sons Arnold Schwarzenegger, for his 60th birthday. The party was called “A Day for Arnold,” celebrated together with a brass band played, a priest celebrated a special birthday Mass and 59 people joined Mayor Peter Urdl onstage in a ceremony to wish Arnold Schwarzenegger well.

Urdl gave a special birthday gift “Thal 145” which is the original street number from the house where Arnold Schwarzenegger was born on July 30, 1947. “This belongs to him. No one here will ever be assigned that number again,” Urdl said.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had a simple birthday wish that his adopted country United States, recovers its international prestige. “My wish is that this great country once again gets the reputation it once had around the world,” said Arnold Schwarzenegger when interviewed in Sacramento.

Besides, he also hoped to have happy marriage life with his wife, Maria Shriver and to be good role models for their children; success in his career as governor in the rest of his term, and for continued health and vitality.
“When my father turned 60, I was just 20, and at the time he seemed terribly old. Now I’m 60, too, but I don’t feel old at all,” he said.