Whose sex symbol’s sperm would the women in China want to have when comes to engage in sexual erotic action? The answer was the infamous Hong Kong singer and actor, Mr. Andy Lau who finished at number 1 top spot from the China’s self magazine survey of 1000 women over 15 cities.

Closely followed behind the findings is Bill Gates who came in second. Not even the football star, Mr. David Beckham in 5th place and Hollywood star, Mr. Brad Pitt in 10th place with no where can be seen for the other mega stars like Tom Cruise or Jacky Chan. Following is the top list countdown:
1. Andy Lau
2. Bill Gates
3. Takeshi Kaneshiro
4. Liu Xiang
5. David Beckham
6. Li Ka-shing
7. Tony Leung
8. Louis Koo
9. Lee-hom Wang
10. Brad Pitt
So, who can really ooze you into the act?