A Chinese lawyer spoke for all Chinese as he decided to sue McDonald’s in China for not using Chinese on its receipts. He feels by using English on receipts are violating his right to information. However, he didn’t asked for big buck of compensation but just symbolic of 1 yuan (13 US cents) and requests McDonald’s to apologize in newspapers.

It was his decision to take legal action against the world’s largest franchise restaurant after he visited two McDonald’s restaurants in Beijing in May and June this year.

“McDonald’s offers food service in China, but it does not use Chinese, which violates the consumers’ right to know,” the Chinese lawyer told Beijing Youth Daily. McDonald’s spokesman said it is not fair to accuse them of not using Chinese because all its advertisements and menus were in Chinese and their staff serve customers by speaking Chinese also.
The legal case has started since July 26. Anyway, McDonald’s had changed the receipts into Chinese since July 2007.