Since Gigi Lai’s brother involve in car accident, she has stopped work for several months mainly just to take care her brother.

Recently Gigi resumed to work and she clarified all the rumours surrounding her brother. Gigi emphasized that her brother was not blind or had part of his brain removed, and that she did not have to sell herself to TVB to get money to pay his hospital bills.

Gigi attended an award ceremony in Guang Zhou for the ‘Best Matched Screen Couple’ award together with Bowie Lam. Gigi said she was happy to win the award but at the same time she was worried about her brother in Hong Kong.

There are reports alleging that Gigi brother lost his eyesight, had half of his brain removed and that there are problems surrounding his compensation for the accident as he did not use the safety belt then, Gigi clarified these allegations. According to Gigi, “There is nothing wrong with either of his eyes though his left eye is slightly injured. We will have to wait till he regains consciousness before we know. As for his brain, his condition is not as exaggerated as what was reported. The hospital helped him do acupuncture, but I don’t know where the needles were inserted, I trust the doctor!