Twins is very common in our life but have you heard about “One-in-a-million” twins before? Some twins are not identical but do you know there is black and white twins? Black and white twins Marcia and Millie were born within minutes of each other a year ago. They just celebrated their first birthday.

“White baby girl” Marcia has inherited their mother Amanda’s fair complexion, strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. However, “black baby girl” Millie looks like her Jamaican origin father, Michael, with black hair and dark skin, more obviously of mixed race.


“They weren’t identical twins but they looked alike when they were born. It was only when they were a few weeks old that you started to notice the differences between them,” their mother said. “Millie started getting darker skinned, much more like her dad, particularly on her legs. At more or less the same time, Marcia also started to develop a lighter complexion and her hair also began to get blonder and curlier.”

“But they’re also now developing their own different personality. Marcia’s the more laid-back, chilled one, and Millie’s the crafty one.” Jane Denton, director of the Multiple Births Foundation, said: “This is an unusual case but it is difficult to say how rare. Nobody records the skin colour of every twin in the UK. It wouldn’t be politically correct to do such a thing. We have 10,000 twins a year in the UK and we can expect this to happen in certain situations.”
“What has happened is that two separate eggs were fertilised by two separate sperm.”
“The genes that go into defining skin colour will be different which results in a combination of genes.”