Four activists ladies dressed in bikinis and with their faces painted, sit in cages for demonstration. These animal rights activists sit in cages to symbolise chicken battery during a protest in central Brussels on June 19, 2007. The group is urging the European Union to ban battery cages.


The battery caged hen do not live on farm, but inside metal cages like the one pictured here. Such facilities hold millions of hens confined in row after row of tiny wire ‘battery’ cages. These cages are too small to allow hens to stand in a normal upright position, much less stretch, unfold their wings, or exercise. We can’t experience how’s a life with stress and pain in the narrow cages.


As a consumer, you have the choice to oppose those practices which exchange cruelty for profit. As an individual, you have the opportunity to be directly involved in helping farmed animals by volunteering, making a donation, or encouraging others to make compassionate choices or like what the ladies are doing now. If you care about the lives of billions of farmed animals nationwide, please support these ladies in cages, spread the word!