china.jpg Looking for novel and cheap sex toys? Head for the adult health and sex shop in Shanghai, China. Most of the sex toys, accessories and products in these shops are manufactured in Guangzhou, Shenyang, Wenzhou, Beijing & Hang Zhou where labour and production costs are cheap.

You can find anything you want from dildos, artificial penis, plastic tits, vibrators, dolls, fragrant condoms to Viagra. These products proudly bear the tag “Made in China”. But what is surprising is perhaps the sophisticated and laidback attitude of the Chinese people & government in the sale and display of these sex products. Anyone aged 18 and above can stroll into the sex shops on busy bund street and buy the items off the open shelves.

While pornographic videos and magazines barred in China, these adult products are deemed helpful to enhance the sexual lives of Chinese couples and families. Furthermore, China couldn’t resist the economic benefits of producing and exporting these adult toys all over the world.