The most read blogger in the world is no other than the Chinese actress Xu Jinglei(徐静蕾)who was born on 16thApril, 1974 in Beijing. Started out as self opinion blogging online narrating her daily personal lifestyles, frustration and thoughts each day two years ago has now hit the 100 millionth mark for the most read blog in the world.

Last year, the actress’s blog popularity was on par with US technoratic search engine. It was once said ‘For 1.3 billion Chinese population react to something, it has a ripple effect all over the world making China rising in internet users second only to US.”

The success of her blog was launched in October 2005, at the age of 33, Xu Jinglei is a well respected actress and director graduated from Beijing Film Academy attracted the country attention not only to read her idle thoughts but also allow to watch her presence on screen and also able to listen to her intellect as well, learning English by overcoming through blogging and leaving her career topics untouched.

A truly talented and charming lady with inspirational views on every angle. Her latest movie “Confession of Pain” premier in Hong Kong last year was with the main cast of Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Shu Qi.