Tornado has been spotted from the eastern parts of Singapore on May 25, 2007 at about 2.30pm and the phenomenon lasted about 15 minutes. Witnesses said it was moving in a circular motion like twister. The waterspout could be seen in several areas including Chai Chee, East Coast Park, Suntec City and Potong Pasir.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) said intense thunderstorms were the cause of the phenomenon. The waterspout is a narrow column of water that is sucked to the base of a cloud, making it look like a funnel. An average diameter of a waterspout is 50 metres and it has average wind speeds of up to 150 kilometres per hour.

It also clarified that waterspouts are common, as there are actually several sightings each year in other countries. See some photos taken from Singaporeans who had the chance to witness this phenomenon.