bulls.jpg It’s a case of distorted and twisted feminism. Women in the northern city of Pamplona are demanding for their own version of the world-famous bull run. But in true contrary style, they are going to run with cows instead of the dangerous and ferocious bulls. The campaign for equality of sorts has been started by a student who dubs it ‘Cows want to run’ in her website. It has somehow gained momentum as the novel and comical idea caught on.

The bulls weigh about 600kg and daredevils have to run along the 800-metre long streets of Pamplona dodging these angry beasts. Women have been allowed to take part in the bull run since some years back though there have been few takers. It’s a bullshit scheme by a half-baked student though the idea appealed to some who want to seek ways to undermine tradition and fight for equal status between women and men. Organizers of the festival have not responded to the suggestion. Will the bulls start to fuck or trample on the cows in the middle of the streets? Animal lovers and Indians will raise a big cry. Chauvinists, on the other hand, may have a reason to celebrate for the bruised or dead cows will be testimony to male superiority.