fish.jpg Fish are leaping out of the water haphazardly in multitudes. But they are not dolphins or flying fish. They are just ordinary fish like mackerel or other pelagic fish. The sight of hundreds of these fish jerking and jumping in the water is a sight to behold. But does it also forebode something more ominous? Why are the fish jumping around madly?

Research carried out by marine biologists shows that there are no large predators in these waters to agitate the fish. There are also no changes in chemical content to stimulate a change of behaviour in these fish. But it is theorised that global warming has led marine parasites such as crustaceae, flatworms, protozoa and bacteria to multiply faster than normal and attack the fish. The fish thus jump about in discomfort and pain, much as a person bitten by wasps would jump about and howl.

Is this the first sign of more weird and unusual behaviour among the different species on land and in water? Will global warming disrupt more ecological systems and cause environmental imbalance?