georgia.jpgMiss England 2007, Georgia Horsley is beautiful, sexy, charming, voluptuous, and totally deaf in one ear. When the results were announced, Horsley was rooted to the spot not from surprise but because she didn’t hear her name being called. Horsley admitted that she kept her disability a secret because she was afraid of being taunted and bullied in school. Likewise, she didn’t want people to make fun of her or treat her differently when she grew up.

With her sexy long legs, big breasts, smooth skin, and beautiful body, a deaf ear is something men can accommodate. Partial deafness and ignorance are perhaps assets after she has been catapulted to fame for the media can be unkind and malicious, especially if she has had scandals in the past. If Horsley didn’t answer the first time you speak to her, she is not being rude. She just couldn’t hear you. Beauty is skin deep and neither perfect nor unflawed. Being less than perfect makes one more sexy and likeable.