How to have a sustainable and yet satisfying sex life? Here are some simple basic sex tips for your pleasure or enjoyment with romantic connection.

Sex Toys would be the first comes to mind for it can be a lot of fun. Familiar battery operated dildo jelly devices contain chemicals called phthalates, a substance used to soften hard plastics like PVC. One warning sign is the disclaimer that it is meant for novelty purposes only for it can cause toxicity health risk. However, you can get the same tickles by playing it safe from toys made from glass, silicone or hard plastics.

Lube is another alternative to give you the needed extra lubrication. Remember the slippery roll on effect on your armpit and there you are, or even baby oil for a quick fix especially in the occasion of one night stand.

Nothing comes close to latex condoms so far for it is the safest to use to protect against STDs or for baby-free sex. Sex play with sexy undies, crotchless panties, and even just a plain white cotton shirt are sufficed to entice the flames and passion of your sexual senses.

Natural aphrodisiacs love juices like ginseng, kava root, kelp, ginko biloba, kelp, tribulus, rhodiola rosea and even horny goat weed can further help to stoke your sex desires.

So be quick and give it a try out with your special someone, someplace, sometime for your new chapter of sexiest fun in life.