This much hyped iPhone is finally out for reviews after Apple kept it mum before it was launched. Four major tech writers has come to a critical consensus scorecard saying ‘buy the phone if you could afford it’, raising the bar amongst the smart phone on the market.

The scorecard was assigned based on the strength of a reviewer’s language, “Beautiful” was worth 10 points and “Pokey” was worth only 2 points. Walt Mossberg gave the highest score, 81 across all ten categories out of a maximum score of 100. The average score of the iPhone was 76.75. the value would have been higher if not for the sluggishness of AT&T’s Edge data network compared to other speedier 3G networks.

Full scorecard for the iPhone:
iPhone Scorecard

Its distinctive features ranging from virtual on-screen keys which works just as effectively as a physical keyboard, close up online web browser to the visible glass screen under bright sunlight and drawing less power than conventional plastic screen.Its drawback is the voice quality was not the best and can only be used with one sole wireless carrier provider, AT&T.You may settle for your current mobile phone with reservation but cannot do without the iPhone experiences. It definitely going to change the way we looks at mobile.