All the beautiful girls have signed up for a career in tennis. You not only have to start from very young, have a good forehand or backhand and excellent service. You also have to look sexy, cute, glamorous, or fashionable to secure millions of dollars in contracts and endorsement deals. And the girls unabashedly parade their mini skirts and sexy cleavages on court. Of course they also have powerful serves and play well. But good looks never hurt. If in hitting a ball, your tits, knickers or butt are slightly exposed, it doesn’t matter. In fact it makes the match all the more exciting to watch. Long slim legs are definitely good to boost ratings. And the groans, pants and grunts make the game more suggestive and seductive. Tennis, or women’s tennis, at least, is like a love affair. The sweat, grunts, exposed flesh and excitement reflect a sexual tryst in the bedroom.

Czech teenage sensation Nicole Vaidisova is pushed to the limelight for her youth, blonde good looks and supple, gorgeous body as much as the wins she chalks up in tennis. The beautiful 18-year-old burst into the All-England semi final at centre court in Wimbledon. She is set to pocket more lucrative deals and shine brighter after this success. Photo shoots and more exposure or publicity in the media is also in line. Hey, it’s a beauty contest in centre court!