Heidi Fleiss is all set to help others wash their dirty laundry in public. The former Hollywood madam who arranged high-class prostitutes for celebrities and the rich and famous have opened a Laundromat in Nevada. She calls it ‘Dirty Laundry’ which is rather suggestive of the tales she has up her sleeves after years in the pimping business. Wonder if housewives or journalists frequent the Laundromat? Does the piped-in music narrate tales of Hollywood scandals or pop music? Somehow, Fleiss gives the impression that her own wardrobe can never be clean after her sordid and tainted past were exposed.

Fleiss had moved to Nye County in late 2005 after serving a jail term for running the prostitution ring in Hollywood. Whatever is said of her, Fleiss is never one to run short of creative and exciting ideas. She had declared her intentions to open ‘Heidi’s Stud Farm’ in Crystal, 32 km north of Pahrump. It was to have been manned by 20 manly hunks and operate as Nevada’s first legal bordello which served only female customers. A feminist of sorts who victimises females and pleasures them sexually as long as it serves her own interests and profit, Fleiss is a dangerous woman to let on the loose.