britney-spears.jpgBritney Spears is showing symptoms of a neurotic mum and psychotic. She has put on weight and let herself go after her month-long rehabilitation in a rehab centre; she is still drinking post-rehab. She has shaved her head bald. She is involved in divorce procedures with her husband, Kevin Federline. And she has recently obtained a restraining order to prevent her mother from coming near her two children. She has done everything she should not do to remain popular and successful.

Looks like Spears’ life is spiralling down into a bottomless pit. If she continues in this state, her children may be taken away from her. Sean Preston is one and Jayden James is only nine months old. Cases of child murder and abuse are rife in this type of family environment. And her mother and estranged husband are anxious to protect the children from her wild ways.

From a sexy and hot pop star to a crazy alcoholic mother, Spears seems like a sad English tale. Can Spears make a comeback? Will she get back on her feet, this former pop princess who held concerts and mesmerised thousands of teenage fans? Stop the smear Spears campaign and start the help lifeline. Spears is ironically a truer reflection of the young people in Britain now than when she was a pop star.