It’s not only the Bollywood actresses and actors who get credits from movies, but also the person behind the movie, the making of the movie. The directors are now Bollywood’s new stars. Their fees will put to shame many of India’s hottest actors.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Sanjay Leela Bhansali received Rs7 crore for the upcoming Diwali release Sawariya. For his next project, he was offered Rs 12 crore but he turned down the offer. He wants Rs 14 crore, according to film industry sources. Priyadarshan charges Rs 4 crore for one film. On an average, he directs three films a year. With Rs 12 crore in his pocket annually, Priyan is clearly on top of the list.

The other famous top directors are:
– Karan Johar
– Farhan Akhtar
– Aditya Chopra
– Kunal Kohli

It’s amazing to see how great Bollywood movies has turned out to be. There are more movies being filmed outside of India now, with one of the latest movie by the legendary actor-director Dev Anand to be filmed in Croatia starting from next month.